18 January 2013

Catching Up, Part 3

We used to get scones delivered to our door when our friends lived right next door, so when we arrived for our brief visit, they had freshly made scones for us. (And we had some freshly dug up Butterfly Ginger for them).

We sat out in the gazebo drinking some really good coffee and noshing on some really good scones (Thanks, Pete and Ruth!)

Scones and Coffee in the McFetridge Gazebo
Little slice of Heaven

High Swing
The cool tree with ferns and moss and the COOL swing

She Traded Her Brother
Aubri traded her brother for this tractor...

The Girls
Gracie played with her new friend

Emi, Calum and David
And Emi played with an old friend (David's new friend)
We were almost persuaded to stay another night with our dear friends and would have loved more time with them but we needed to head back home. They loaded us down with a Hefty bag filled with Legos.

It was hard to say goodbye to our friends and I hope that we get to see them again, Sooner rather than later (Gator). ;.)

We drove for a few hours and then stopped to eat dinner at Po Folks somewhere in North Florida (we needed to eat some Black Eyed Peas for luck).

After that, it was serious business as Scott and I decided to drive through the night to get home. The kids slept and we took turns sleeping and driving (Scott drove most of the time).

We made it back around lunch time on the 2nd. Just in time to take the girls in to Urgent Care...


  1. Oh no! I hope the girls are okay. There's so much stuff going around and it's no fun to travel with sick kids. (I have a feeling you got less sleep than you mentioned!) Thanks for playing catch up, Nolita!

    1. Thanks, Kim. The kids are doing better. Each has been on antibiotics for respiratory issues. Trying to keep ourselves armed against the flu and GI stuff going around.


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