25 March 2015

Camp Life

During Spring Break we were able to spend some time in nature, camping on the Illinois River. The first night was really rough with a campsite delivery (The Mobster) from Gambino's.


And I was unable to get a reliable connection to check e-mails and FaceBook so I had to resort to old familiar ways...luckily I was prepared.

My View

I spent much time near the campfire because it was a bit chilly and damp. Gracie didn't seem to mind hanging out on my lap.

Warming up by the Fire

Nearby family came to visit us and have lunch one day too. That was a nice time catching up.


Gracie seems to be saying "yuck" regarding someone's hot dog, but we know better....


And the s'mores were a favorite (as usual). This time we used dark chocolate pips and they hit the spot.

Yes, Please, S'More

Just like last time, we saw this little guy and were able to snap a couple of photos. I thought it was a chipmunk last time and it looked like a rabbit running through the trees this time. It might be a squirrel with a lopped off tail...what do you think?


The kids fished with dad,  but dad was the only one who caught anything - a small bass. We were a little sad that there would be no fish fry. But it was still nice...


We tried out the Dutch Oven for the first time. I used leftover steak, beef broth, potatoes, squash, carrots and onion to make a stew.

Maiden Dutch Oven Dish

It was good at dinnertime, and then later...


It was a nice few days away from it all...

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  1. Awesome! I'm ready for camp weather. We are finally getting warm here.


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