09 September 2014

Pub Grub

I recently read somewhere that there's no better pub grub than the Ploughman's Lunch.

A ploughman's lunch is a basic (English) cold meal typically consisting of crusty bread, cheese, pickled onions and chutney. It might also consist of deli meats, pate,slices of apple and other seasonal fruit. The cheese, bread and pickles would be traditionally home-made by the ploughman's wife - making it a cheap and substantial lunch.

How am I just hearing about this slice of wonderful? Oh yeah, because I live in Oklahoma, not England. We have something similar to a ploughman's and we call it a picnic, and we eat it in the living room. And when I was single (and also, a new mom), it was sometimes eaten over the sink.

Calling it a "Ploughman's Lunch" makes it sounds less decadent than it really is, therefore fooling oneself into not feeling guilty about said indulgence. I like that.

Here are just a few ideas for pub grub without the hassle of actually having to work in the field, (ideal for us cubicle farmers):
I could totally have this sort of lazy lunch every day if I wasn't in the habit of taking sustenance in my pen, I mean, cubicle most days. It might be easier if I lived in Napa.

I think I just found myself a work tradition. Now all I need is some Branston pickles!

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