01 January 2015


For New Year's Day I've been binge watching back-to-back episodes of Rehab Addict. This has caused me to add some items to my Living List and get some ideas to renovate our home without breaking the bank. During the latest episode, Nicole was renovating a kitchen in her turn of the century bungalow and the laminate backsplash in her kitchen is the same laminate that we have in our kitchen and Emi's bathroom.

Lovely Counter

I was surprised she didn't tear it off. In fact, she said "I LOVE the boomerang countertop and backsplash. There's not a chance I would rip it out!"  Instead, she replaced the torn backsplash with more boomerang laminate and explained how to make the laminate stick. That little tip will pay off in the near future in repairing our kitchen countertop.

We've lived with the boomerang laminate for a little over 9 years now and I think we could power through 9 more in our little retro kitchen. Also, the cabinets in that kitchen looked a lot like ours. I have considered painting them white, but now I think I might just do what she did; sand them down a little and apply a fresh coat of polyurethane.

In one episode she recovered a couch with a painter's drop cloth for $12!!! She also made pillows with the same drop cloth. I am thinking I might be reupholstering that couch in the sun room very soon!!

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