23 November 2014

Day Date

In our busy lives, we've had to be very flexible when it comes to quality time for us parents.  Most days are crammed full of kid things and by the time it gets around to "date night", we are tired, broke, unmotivated, etc. So we've been working dates into the daytime these days while the kids are safely at school.

We decided to check out a place with the best view in the city for lunch and then the surrounding stores and museums. Our first stop was to the downtown library to get change to feed the meter.

Cool Giraffe Painting
Tiny cafe attached to the downtown library...

Next, we made our way into the Devon Tower. It was cool to see the oversized Christmas decorations in and around the tower.

Devon Pinecones
Giant Silver Pinecones

Taking a Seat
This would be an ideal place for a hidden camera...

I was pretending to take a seat on this glossy "bench" when a good samaritan stopped me and yelled "Please don't!"  I told her I wasn't (just posing for a pic). Nice to know there are good people still out there, huh? My purse strap touched the silent sheet of water overflowing the glassy pool.  See the ripples?

Check out the views from Vast:

Vast View

Salad Bar Helping

Vast View

Scott at the Vast Dessert Buffet

Vast View

Pencil Sketch Us at Vast

Afterwards, we went to the origin of a very famous Christmas song (around these parts anyway) and tried on watches we can't afford...

Jewelry Is the Gift to Give!
Jewelry is the gift to give, 'cause it's the gift that'll live and live....

We also checked out the OKC National Memorial. Scott and I were working together when this tragedy happened and in all of the time we've been back in Oklahoma, we've never actually visited the memorial.

We didn't have much time so we only toured the outside memorial. The symbolism was pretty cool, especially the framing of the moment Between 9:01 and 9:03.

Framing the Moment

Memorial Fence


168 Chairs

Memorial Museum in Reflecting Pond

Memorial Museum

Reflecting Pool with Devon in Background
Hey, we were just up there!

So nice to have some time together, just the two of us...


  1. I'm glad you guys got time together, just the two of you! So important. I actually just posted about this & how we may need to invest in a babysitter. (eek!) Matt & I have transitioned to mostly lunch dates ourselves, although the have to happen at home these days because I have to pump on my lunch break :-/.

    I want to check out Vast! And I recognize that giraffe painting... It's actually a copy of a photo by Sharon Montrose. I love the photograph & have a print of it actually hanging in Alice's room.

    1. Go check it out! We opted for the buffet and the food was really good. I want to go for a happy hour sometime as I hear the food at the bar is really good too. I thought you might like that giraffe. Happy Thanksgiving, Melissa!


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