14 November 2014

Camper Pinata

Scott created the form for me and it looked very similar to the one we used last year for David's baby seal pinata.

This time, I started the messy work in the basement near and over the sink so that I would not have to scrape dried flour/glue residue from the floor afterwards like last year. It worked out much better for me for clean up. I found a roll of newspaperish paper in our craft supplies and used that as the first layer to try to make it crunchy.

Camper Pinata Stage 1
 First  layer of papier-mache dried

For the second layer, I used more tissue paper to cover the cardboard to make it crunchy. I was hoping to make it easier to break...

Camper Pinata Stage 2
Second layer of papier-mache
After the papier-mache dried, I painted the pinata with some silver craft paint. Aubri and I cut out cardboard circles and colored crude tires with permanent marker.

In need of accessorizing...

I found some coolaroo shade material in the sun room and together with some toothpicks, made a little canopy for the camper. Using cardboard and purple duct tape, I fashioned some steps. I painted on windows and the door and called it a day.

Crude, maybe, but my baby girl loved it...
Ready to strike in 3-2-1...

Let's Do This

Look at her excitement!

Floating with Excitement
Missing the steps and a tire but STILL holding up...
This is the scene shortly after the fatal hit. Look at David in the background, scheming on how to get his sugary fix before we took notice...

Pinata Spoils

I wonder what our next pinata project will be...

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