30 August 2014

Sketchier Days

Many years ago I took a drawing class at the Firehouse Art Center (first class I'd had there since the 6th grade!!!). I was looking for a creative outlet and thought Portrait Drawing might be cool. I loved watching our instructor draw his subject. At first the pencil marks on the page were scribble and then a few seconds later, the subject was perfectly captured on paper. These were a few of my drawings back then.

I brought a picture of Emi's birthmom to try to capture through pencil sketch. She wasn't smirking in the photo so something must've gotten lost in the translation from my brain to my hand. Or maybe I was transferring MY smirk into HER sketch.

Smirking Cookie
As I recall, this pretty girl was not nearly as Native American or as upset as I sketched her. Again with the projecting! I think I managed to get her POSE correct.

Pretty & Pissed
And this guy's eyes weren't nearly as dead as I sketched them.  He wasn't whistling either but that is forever how it will be in my sketchbook.  I can just hear the the beginning of Patience...

Whistling Malik

I haven't sketched much since then (meeting doodles don't count) but I occasionally get the urge to draw. Like with this guy a few months ago.

I got the "bad pun" gene from my dad's side of the family...

I was trying out some cool watercolor pencils that I got for the kids at the Met a couple of years ago. That sketch was before I applied water. After I applied water, things didn't get better so I spared you the details. I probably needed to watch this video before I started, but I didn't...

I think this way of using pencils and watercolor could work for me (vice just free handing painting with acrylics). We'll see...

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