11 July 2014

Suspects and Prospects

So some of the pumpkin/squash in my "garden" seem to be surviving without my interference. I cannot remember any other squash I’ve planted (on purpose or incidentally) in that bed except for Kabocha so I am still leaning that way but I searched on “small dark green squash” and the Rolet/Gem squash looks like a winner.

This looks awfully close to what I have in my garden!

South African Gem Squash? Did I buy one on a whim at Natural Grocers?  Or did someone give one to us?

I just looked at my flickr Food set for hints and I found some zucchini given to us 3 years ago. It looks a little suspect in shape and size...

Mystery Squash
What do you think?

It tasted sweet, not quite like zucchini. I have a few survivors on the vine. The chickens were out and obviously they liked whatever squash it is because they totally decimated one. I guess I will wait and see.

In other news around here, our rooster problem resolved itself. In case you didn't know, we ordered a batch of chickens back in February to replace the hens that were massacred back in December. In June, one of the hens started to crow so we started trying to re-home the rooster, affectionately called "Gojira".

Gotta Go!!!!!

Well, before we could hear back on our prospects, Gojira came up dead in the hen house. It was a bit suspect as there was a strange soccer ball in our yard too.

We have been getting eggs for the last month too. It's been nice to have some fresh, organic eggs again.

And my fig tree is making a comeback!

Yay for figs!!!
A Closer Look
But our Almond Tree is suspect again. Even with all of the wonderful prospects a couple of months ago, we did not get a single nut! We ate a few of what we thought were green almonds, but I wonder if they weren't just green peaches.... It's a pretty tree and I like it but it's frustrating trying to figure out how to care for it. Better luck next time.

As far as intentional growth, I am actively trying to sprout a couple of different plants currently. A few weeks ago at my sister's house, we discussed a plant that was there when she bought the house. No one seemed to know what it was so I got a sample clipping and researched it that Sunday afternoon. It's a Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Plant, aka ZZ plant and so far the leaves I put in soil appear to be propagating. They are so pretty and shiny and the plant seems fairly independent. 

ZZ Plant

And lastly, I have sprouted Jackfruit plants. I don't have a plan for them yet but it will neat to see if I CAN actually grow these things. 

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