16 March 2014

I Touch Roses

Yesterday during the cold rainy day, I decided to tackle that mini rose garland for Flip. It involved cutting lots of spirals into the felt and winding the felt around and around and gluing each to the little felt "blanket".

Getting Started on the Mini Roses

Almost Finished

Mini Rose Garland

I halfway watched the 2nd Hunger Games movies while crafting the rose blanket (later, I all the way watched it). I guestimate that I made ~220 mini roses. I had to take a few breaks but I got 'er done! And then I used up the rest of the felt sheets to make 17 regular size roses.

Bigger Felt Roses

I think they look pretty cool but I am GLAD to be done with the glue gun for a while... until I figure out how to make the horseshoe, that is...

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