31 August 2013

Much Needed Nap-a

The last week in Napa was just what the doctor ordered!!

Keep Calm

Well, not really... I'm still not 100%, but I sure enjoyed the wine country and all of its offerings. I also enjoyed hanging with a longtime friend who lives there.

Peace in the Kitchen
Nolita-san and Gail-san

Thankfully I didn't end up like this any night, but if there was a sign for prone on the couch, it would apply on that last night.

True Dat

Work wasn't bad at all because it was a repeat of the tasks I did in Paumalu and Virginia. I can't complain because I think it's illegal to complain about working in Napa.

Peace Path
Peaceful Path

And although things were really dry there, there were some really nice lush spots around....

Olive Tree and Lavender at Envy Winery
Patio Area Surrounded by Olive Trees and Lavender at Envy

V. Sattui Winery Picnic Grounds
Only Thing Missing Here Was a Hammock

Still recovering from "jet lag" so I will recap the specifics in the next post.

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