22 July 2013

Weekend in Frisco

This past weekend we spent a lot of time in Frisco, TX for Emi's basketball tournament. The weekend started off with us having dinner at La Hacienda Ranch with both of my brothers and their families. It was a big, crazy crowd of us (as always) but it was cool to see the cousins hanging together.

The only picture I got at La Hacienda Ranch

We stayed with my brother in Plano. Some of my favorite friends and family live or have lived there and I actually had my wedding dress made there back in 1996 when we were living nearby in Dallas.

Emi's first game was Friday night right after dinner.

Helping big sis get ready for the game...

Aubri hugging her cousin, Zeke

Watching the Game
Pryce, Scott, Dad, Nick, Toree and Lainey
That was a brutal game wherein the girls suffered a painful loss (with lots of family there to witness and offer up advice afterwards).


We ended up losing 3 games and winning 2 over the course of the weekend, but our girls never gave up in their games. We are very proud of how they played at their first out of state tournament.

Grady Putting Aubri's Hair Up

Aubri requested that Grady put her hair up at the game and being the sweet boy that he is, he obliged her request.

We hit Trader Joe's and Tom Thumb (which is not quite the store it was when we lived in Texas) and stocked up on some goodies to take home (Hello, Two Buck Chuck). And we had some quality time with my brother and his family and his sweet dog Zeus.

Zeus and David

There were a few injuries suffered with the kiddos, but the worst happened to Aubri on a bio break to McD's. She got her finger caught in the hinge of a heavy door and she is lucky it was only smashed. We got her a cup of ice to go and she was asleep before too long...

Ready to Get Home (Aubri hurt her finger in the door)

It was a whirlwind weekend of plans falling together last second, but it was great to see all of my family and watch the girls play in their tournament. Texas was a fun time, as always!

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