28 August 2011

THE Dress

I was looking through my Nanny's cedar chest (now mine) for my wedding invitation from so many years ago (almost 15!) and while I didn't find the invite, I did find lots of other wedding goodies including a magazine page that was the inspiration for my dress.  We were living in Dallas at the time and I had access to lots of bridal stores but I was less than pleased with the dresses on the rack. I was even less impressed with the pressures of the sales ladies telling me I needed to purchase their dress that day. None of the places had a simple sheath like I wanted and so I decided to have my dress made for me based on the dress below.

Such a timeless and classic dress and veil

Blushing Bride
Loved my dress and my simple daisy bouquet
I sought out Fran Milito in Plano, TX and she was confident that she could make me what I wanted, which was exactly like the dress in the magazine plus some crocheted daisy detailing on the empire waistline and on my headpiece for my veil. The crocheted daisies were a nod to my mom who has crocheted many things over the years. I have a bedspread that she crocheted while she was pregnant with me.

So Classy Holding a Cigar
Looking classy there holding that cigar, Mrs. Morgan
I went with silk which sent the cost up a little but it was nowhere near the $3,000 price tag that was listed in the bridal magazine. Fran mocked up a pattern during our first visit or two and then she made the dress from the pattern. For the dress and the veil, the total was $820. I thought it was very good back in 1996. After the wedding I thought maybe I should have gone with satin because no one but me would have known the difference but I was very happy with the way my wedding dress turned out.

Cutting the Groom's Cake
Scott's groom's cake was delish! {yes, I know he looks wasted in this picture}
Emi won't be able to wear my wedding dress but Aubri might. We'll see. I don't even want to think about their wedding days yet...maybe I should just make some silk pillows?


  1. What a beautiful dress! So simple and elegant (love the daisies). And you look stunning! Gorgeous. Explain the cake design, please!

    I was also frustrated by wedding dress choices. I ended up going w/ a small design house in Cleveland Hts, OH (I'm an Ohio girl) and bought something off-the-rack. Loved it. And I had a bouquet of wildflowers. The marriage didn't last ;-), but I still have the dress.

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  2. PS - I love your "Living List!"

  3. Thanks, Annie. I'm sorry to hear that the marriage didn't last but glad that you kept the dress. I've sometimes thought about having the dress shortened and the train shortened too, but left a little longer than the dress, but maybe when I am mother of the bride. ;.)

    Scott played soccer most of his life and was playing indoor soccer when we got married so he chose that them for his cake. For our cakes we went simple but so yummy. Buttercream frosting in basketweave pattern. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nolitamorgan/6089494624/

    Regarding the Living List, doesn't that sound better than Bucket List? Life List seemed better but Living best fit because it's a list that will change with the seasons of my life.



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