15 July 2013

Slow Down

This morning on my way to work I saw a double rainbow! The last time I saw a double rainbow was 6 months ago when I was in Oahu. And the time before that was last year in the Wichita Mountains. What a beautiful way to start the day (following 2 gorgeous days of rain).

We've had a fairly packed summer with basketball and family gatherings and I am ready to regroup with my little family for a bit...and have some lazy summer days before they all grow up and leave our nest. ;.(

We celebrated Emi's 11th birthday last month and right after that, the Little Ones' grandparents, aunt and birth mom were in town for a visit. That was a bit of a stressful time as we didn't have much notice to plan things out (and I was looking forward to some serious down time for the 4th) but it worked out fine.  David and Aubri will have memories they can cherish a lifetime.

And my kids seem happy, don't they?

Beautiful Brown Babies

And Emi was gone last week at church camp. When we dropped her off at the church (not our church so it was a little odd for me), it was so sad. Scott and I both felt an emptiness I hadn't felt before. It was so nice when she got back home to us where she belongs.

She had a fun week making new friends and singing in front of the camp (no surprise there). The day she got back we went to a friend's wine tasting and movie night. That was a fun time. The kids watched Oz in the back yard while the adults sampled wine and snacks.

We have so much going on these days and I just want to S-L-O-W things down like when I was a kid for just a bit...

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