25 March 2012

Get Out

That, we did.

We took off for a couple of days of camping. Originally we were planning to camp in NE Oklahoma, in the Fort Gibson area, but with the recent deluge in rainfall, we decided to head West (to drier ground) at the last minute. So Thursday morning we drove to the Wichita Mountains ...in the pouring rain the entire way.

Baby Girl's Shoes

We thought about the rain much like we do when we are heading to the beach in Florida in a downpour, it will be over with soon so stay the course. And we were so glad that we did.

Our Campsite
We drove around and located a good spot right on Quanah Parker Lake.  The rain had just stopped and things were damp to be sure, so we put down a tarp and set up our tent. Well, first we put up our tailgater popup tent to unload our things so that they could dry out while we were setting up camp.

Our beautiful view...
During dinner the skies threatened to douse us with more rain but after only a tiny sprinkle on our chick pea chili dinner, we got a rainbow....and then another!

Double Rainbow!
Can you see the double rainbow? We didn't freak out quite like that YouTube guy, but we were sufficiently amazed.

For all of the warmer temperatures that we've endured in Oklahoma lately, it sure got cold at night on the lake! Being cold made some of us have to pee in the middle of the night several times so we slept in 1-2 hour shifts. And we forgot to bring pillows so we had to make do with our hoodies.  We weren't roughing it quite like Bear Grylls but in the middle of the night it felt like it at times. [And Scott did use his BG knife too.]


We did all of the typical camping meals (chili, s'mores and sausage/biscuit on a stick for breakfast) so by lunchtime we decided to check out the renowned Meers burgers. 

Me and My RC (and Meersburger)
Tearing into my Meersburger
I was pleased to see that the Meers Store & Restaurant offered RC and I needed that big jarful to chase down 3/4 of that burger that was served in a pie plate. Later that afternoon we looked for Meerscats out and about and were only able to see Prairie Dogs...

We drove up to the top of Mount Scott too.

My Children
Our Kiddos on Mount Scott

Most of the time camping we were "off the grid" as our phones weren't getting signals so I took advantage of this Mount Scott miracle to get in a little texting.

Who was I texting?
Texting my sister a picture from Mount Scott - she'd been texting me about all of the things we should check out while we were there...
We roasted hot dogs for dinner Saturday but my favorite part of dinner was the Hobo Sacks that Emi prepared. Potatoes, onions and sweet peppers seasoned with cajun spice.

Making Hobo Pockets
Making "hobo sacks" ...how apropos
We saw deer, buffalo, longhorns and raccoons (these camp bandits got into Abbey's food and ate her last meal!). I never saw any fish, but I saw quite a few people fishing.

The fishing wasn't good by our camp...
It was nice at night to be able to see all of the constellations. David pointed out "Ryan's belt" to us the 2nd night we were there. [Note: I need to find a night light that displays lights on the ceiling of his room.]

On the way back home we stopped in Medicine Park to check out the shops too. We didn't stay long because we were tired and some of us were ready to get home to our nice comfy beds and showers! I think we were all getting Hippie Feet by the end of the 2nd day of camping...

Our camp site was only $18/night and only took about a 1/2 tank of gas at that. I can totally recommend Camp Doris if you are looking for a weekend getaway. I can't imagine it would be fun during the blazing heat of summer, but for spring camping it was totally lovely. I feel lucky that we ended up with such a cool camping experience.


  1. Haven't seen a double rainbow in a very long time. Kudos to such a great pic. Id love to go camping when Jaz graduates, we are planning a summer road trip to ohio with stops in st Louis and Chicago..maybe we will camp in comfy hotel rooms. Lol

  2. How fun! I've been actually thinking that a camp trip sounds fun. I went to Mt. Scott & Meers for the first time last summer & we really enjoyed our visit!

  3. Beautiful pictures. They are so crisp. The camping trip looks like it was a huge success. :-) So happy for you guys. That burger looked yummy! Too bad the marshmellows were forgotten. It will just give you guys an excuse to go back again.


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