27 January 2013

On Being Blessed

Most of my family was sick lately and our income was cut (again) and I'm still a few pounds over what I should be (or at least I'm configured differently than I think I should be at my current weight) but I am still feeling thankful and abundantly blessed.

We used a lot of this stuff below to get the family back to middling (and keep me from getting The Crud).

Not pictured but heavily used was fish oil and pau d'arco 
After the wonderful laid back holiday with family and friends and getting transitioned over to a new contract at work, and then with family getting sick, it was hard for me to feel motivated about anything extra - I was just trying to keep up with life. But that lasted for only a short time (Thank God). I was daydreaming about some realistic transformations I'd like to see in the back yard this year (aside from hopefully resurfacing the pool) and I kept coming back to my lavender plant. That plant has been hardy and fragrant and was such a good investment a couple of years ago that I decided to get more. I had my cart filled with a few (online shopping) when I came across an article on propagating lavender. It hadn't occurred to me to take cuttings to propagate from my lovely plant (except to make a peace wreath) but I quickly emptied my cart and clipped my plant. Keeping my fingers crossed because I know this particular plant is a keeper and I'd like to see more of it around the place.

Rooting Lavender

I've been wanting to get outside and prepare the yard ahead of time (for once) and I'm planning on excavating big items from the beds, then putting down a layer of paper bags and newspaper, then a layer of peat moss and compost and leaves so that the beds can be getting ready for new growth in the near future.

I haven't done that yet but I did get out in the yard today and work in a bed by the pond. It was very hard to stay on task because the kids were trying to pick up the chickens (who kept wanting to get into the bed I was working in) and Aubri wanted me to help her pick up more pecans. I still can't get over the abundant harvest we've gotten this year (Thanking God again for this wonderful food!).

Last night I shelled 3 huge bowls of pecans to add to a gallon bag that Scott started already. That barely skimmed the first trug that we are tackling. (Not complaining! But Scott and I can probably add Pecan Shelling to our skill sets for our resumes now.)

Pecan Goodness
This is about 10 pies' worth, I'm guessing...
I was able to help Aubri get her bucket filled with pecans and get busy pulling, digging, raking and bagging.


Holding Friendly

Post Weeding
This is just a start. I really wanted to tackle the pond today but it had to wait. I just don't want Spring to arrive until we've taken care of the things on our yard punch list first...


  1. Nolita, thanks for the tip on propagating lavender -- will have to give that a go. Glad to hear you've avoided The Crud (apt name for it) and that you're counting your blessings no matter what!

    1. So far, so good on the lavender and The Crud. I hope you and yours have stayed healthy. We were up that way a week ago after attending a wonderful memorial service for Scott's grandfather in Tahlequah and I thought about you when we passed the lake at sunset. I am sure you are getting the most beautiful sunsets lately. Take care!


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