06 November 2012


Tonight I have elected to stay in my hotel room instead of heading back to Rockefeller Place to keep up with the election results. It's way too cold out there and I'm already settled into my nice warm Angry Birds footed pajamas. It was exciting to be there last night though!

Today was a busy and fun day. After the marathon walking around the city in my heeled boots last night, I opted for my UGGs this morning as I was getting ready for class. I MAY end up leaving New York with a pair of Grey UGGs if they happen to have some on sale at the UGG store in between my hotel and my class! I know they are UGGly, but they are comfy and warm and I NEED some grey boots!

So today after our heads were getting filling up with knowledge, we took a lunch break and checked out Obika Mozzarella Bar across the street from class. Yum!

(Are you getting tired of hearing that word from me yet?)

Panino Speck from Obika

My Pretty Water Bottle

Stina and Nols in NYC

After class we hoofed it over to Central Park to see it in the daylight.

Stacey and Stina in the Park
Stacey and Stina in Central Park

We walked around a bit, snapped a few shots and hit the gift shop. I got myself a Central Park calendar for my office and a bag to hold plastic bags to recycle (something we needed to tame the plastic bags that seem to be multiplying under my kitchen sink). While I like to get souvenirs, I don't like to buy crap that will not be used or appreciated. I like to get things that are mementos of a trip but also fill a need. Thrifty? Maybe not. Rationalizing much? More likely.

I am enjoying Manhattan so far...but I wish my family and my dog were here with me. I talked to everyone, including Gracie tonight and everyone was very sweet and loving except for the dog. Scott said she heard my voice and then she sat down and showed the phone the back of her head. ;.( She's shunning me over the phone! I'm sure my compadre thinks I've abandoned her. The night I left Scott said that Gracie waited by the front window for me to show.

I guess that means I need to bring her back a nice treat too so I can win back her love...


  1. Manhattan has some great doggy bakeries!

    1. I know, Shawna. I will bring back treats and hopefully get forgiveness from Her Highness!


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