05 November 2012

Have Fun, Will Travel

Yesterday was a gorgeous Fall day in Oklahoma - sunny and bright - and I hopped on a plane to NYC in the late afternoon. That was hard saying "goodbye" to my family.

Saturday when I pulled my suitcase up from the basement, Aubri saw it and immediately started crying and saying she didn't want me to leave. I was heartbroken. I told her I'd be back to celebrate her birthday next weekend and she asked me to bring her back a pack of gum. That has become the highest priority on my list (aside from training and keeping safe).

Last night we had a layover in Baltimore so we got some beers and some crab cake sliders and planned out the week.

After we landed at LaGuardia (and I swapped my flip flops for UGGs), our shuttle was running 2-3 hours late so we popped out to the curb and immediately got a cab!  We drove past some long lines at the gas stations but other than that, we've seen no damage.

A friend of mine who lives here said that midtown Manhattan was really protected from Superstorm Sandy. Good thing because we are going to see her daughter sing Wednesday night at Toshi's Livingroom.


Tonight after class we went to Top of the Rock


(and the lego store down below).  

Lego Dragon

We got to see Democracy Plaza in Rockefeller Square.


That was neat because Tom Brokaw was there and so was the Reverend Al Sharpton.


[Note: I voted Friday and that was a great experience with the lines wrapped around the building of the Election Board.]

For dinner we found ourselves at our hotel's restaurant ... I had the Gnocchi Alla Bava.

Gnocchi Alla Bava

It was very good and comforting and while it didn't help the balls of my feet (which were screaming at me after the long day of hoofing it around the city), it hit the spot and the leftovers will keep me warm and satisfied tomorrow.

I can't believe we've been here less than 24 hours and have seen so much already.... I am so excited to be here! I'm a little concerned about that nor'easter heading this way on Wednesday... I hope it isn't as intense as forecasted...


  1. Goodness, girl -- you're all over the place! It's been a long time since I traveled for work... fun, but I can understand why your family misses you (and vice versa.) Be safe!

    1. I know, Kim. All over the place and out of sorts! This is a different year - next year I won't travel as much. I am ANXIOUS to get back home to the family and my dog and my kitchen. Class has been very good - I'm learning a lot and generating more stuff to research when I get back as well as getting answers to some of my questions that I've had - but I am ready to say "goodbye" to the Big Apple.


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