05 October 2012


This little lady gave me the cold shoulder for a few days after I got back from California.

Cold Shoulder?

Sure she'd still be in the room with me, but she'd be sure I was seeing the back of her head.

I'd call her and she'd turn her head almost enough to see me, or she'd totally ignore me. Whereas before I went on my last trip she'd snuggle with me at night and cover me with kisses in the morning, for three days she'd snuggle up close with Scott's leg as far away as possible from me. ;.(

When I'd come home from work, she'd be crying to be let out from her kitchen prison and she'd jump up and give me affection until after we got back in from our little walk. Then she'd continue to show me the back of her head. It made me very sad because that dog is my MUSE!

I was getting ready to take her to the vet to see what was up when she snapped out of it and decided to forgive me for abandoning her. Three days of shunning! All of the affection built up and she was once again in love with Mommy. I am so glad that she's forgiven me. I am not sure what she's going to do next month if I get to go to New York. Come to think of it, I don't know what I will do if that trip happens! (Actually I will likely have a blast...while missing my little family...)

Life is good again with my little sidekick loving on me again!

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