02 October 2012

Simple Asian

No, not me. I'm only half Asian!

Last month while we were camping I made a really tasty Asian Slaw to serve with my lettuce wraps and Asian style chicken. Well, last night as I was grabbing some groceries I thought it would be nice to have that again as it was so tasty.

I had regular cold slaw mix in my buggy when I saw the broccoli slaw for only $1.79 (serves 4) so I got 2 bags of that, a bag of bean sprouts, a couple of bunches of cilantro and some scallions.

Broccoli Slaw

I had a variety of Asian sauces in my fridge and pantry as well as the rest of that tube of ginger leftover from the camp trip. Into the bowl of sprouts and slaw mix went a healthy dollop of each of the sauces, herbs and oils you see below.

Asian Sauces!

Then I added in some chopped cilantro and scallions and the juice of a lime.

Cilantro, Lime and Green Onion

My mouth was watering at this point and my kitchen smelled so heavenly!


Tonight we had this salad with pork chops (cooked in the same sauces as the dressing) and sticky rice. Tomorrow it will be a nice light lunch!


  1. that sounds and looks delicious! that annie's shitake sesame dressing is my favorite

    1. Melissa, the combination was soooo good and tangy! It held up well for lunch today too. I think adding a little diced chicken breast and peanuts would have been a nice addition too!


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