08 October 2012

Just Enough

What a nice long weekend we had! Friday it was nice to have breakfast with my family on a weekday for the first time in a long time. Much of the rest of the day was spent cleaning and clearing and purging (and not showering).  I kept thinking that I would get busy reading Catching Fire and napping, but I kept getting distracted by chores. (and baking banana nut bread and cooking a pot of Baked Potato soup for dinner)

In fact, around 9pm when everyone in the house was asleep (yes, on a Friday night!), I got busy scrubbing the oven... I would post pictures because I am amazed at how well my generic dollar store magic eraser got rid of the years of gunk, but I am not quite done. I also spent some time culling outgrown clothes from the Little Ones' dresser and reorging the pantry. There's still more for me to sort and organize and purge but I got a good start.

Saturday morning was a cold one on the soccer field. Emi had a game mid-morning and David's game started 30 minutes into hers...on the other side of the complex.  It was so cold that even with jackets and a blanket, Aubri and I retreated to the Disco for the last few minutes of the game to thaw out.

We didn't have any real plans after soccer, Scott watched the game and after all of the kids were bathed, we watched The Princess and the Frog and I worked on trying to cornrow Emi's hair. I am not good at cornrows but I will say that detangling her hair after taking out all of the twists we put in a couple of weeks ago was a lot easier. I have to thank Ketiesha for getting Emi's hair under control. Immediately after I got my amateur cornrows in (with afropuffs on the ends), I was thinking how much I would love to do the microbraids or even twists again.

I had a pork roast cooking all day in the crock pot and we made pumpkin coconut yeast rolls to go with. It's been a yummy weekend! It's also been a very productive weekend peppered with family time and kiddo activities.

Sunday after church we had lunch at my parent's and then we beelined up to the mall to hear Emi's chorus sing 5 songs. Afterwards we decided to hit El Chico for an early, early dinner. Actually it was just tapas till we popped and a couple of long overdue margarootskis....

Hey You! With the Chambord Margarita!

Chambord Margarootski!

Today was another very productive day in which I found myself trapped in my 10 year old hoarder's room. I had to fill a couple of bags for the trash bin and a couple more to donate. And I organized more board games than we had growing up in a house full of 5 kids (!) and culled a couple of boxes of books from her library to move down to the Little Ones' room. Emi was kind enough to donate some musical toys to the kids. I guestimate that I was up in her room for 3 hours! Too bad I didn't use some of that time to get my room into shape.

I moved things around from room to room (except for the trash) and felt a little like I was playing Tetris making things fit just right.

I am feeling very blessed right now - we always seem to have just enough. (God gives us what we need when we need it.)

I hope that you too have had a wonderful, refreshing weekend and that you are blessed with just enough in your life too!

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