30 November 2011

Koo Koo?

Monday, as soon as I got home from the pharmacy I pounded down some cough medicine in an effort to get drowsy so I could rest. But it wasn't until a few hours later with the second dosing that I got some sleep (we can blame the calendar crafting). I felt better after that nap, able to get up and clean the kitchen and cook dinner - a hearty chick pea, kale and ham soup.

Later, when it was time for bed I wanted to be sure I didn't cough myself awake again so I dosed myself up with my cough meds, finished gluing the letters onto that advent calendar and slipped into my warm bed. I was just off to Slumber Land when I thought I heard a rumbling noise and felt the bed shake. I immediately asked Scott if that was an earthquake (at least I thought I asked him). He just snored in his sleep. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not so I hopped on FaceBook to get a quick pulse of the news and after a few minutes of no earthshaking news (har) I thought I heard Emi say "Mommy?". I turned to Scott to ask him if that was Emi but he was still asleep so using my phone as a flashlight, I crept out into the hallway to investigate.

I opened the door to the Little Ones' room and they were fast asleep. I walked quietly to the other side of the house to Emi's room and crept up her stairs to find 2 sleeping doggies on the floor and Emi asleep on her bed. I could actually hear Emi snoring before I got up her stairs...

So, am I ready for the Funny Farm? Is my house haunted? Or maybe is that cough syrup a little too good?


  1. I think your cough meds were messing with you. It's a weird feeling.

    Hope you feel better soon. Are all the kids wells? Has your husband caught the crud yet?

    Hope you have a better day and feel like yourself again soon.


  2. Lol, that cough medicine can really do a number on you! I caught some sort of bug that leveled me two days this week, too -- no fun. I also thought I felt a little "rumble" when I was laying there suffering through it, but no quake reports either. What's up with that?!

  3. Jackie and Kim: I am better now, cough is gone and that syrup is in the cabinet just in case I need it later this winter.

    Maybe it was a cosmic rumble? ;.) Or maybe it was the meds.

    I have the whole family on fish oil along with vitamins so hopefully we can keep healthy this winter. ;.)


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