24 June 2012

Taming the Jungle

Jungled Out (Before)
Right Before

Right After

On Saturday, I filled up 3 lawn bags and bundled 2 large piles of voluntary treelings and vines in the process of cleaning up this neglected area of the yard. As per usual, I am not finished, but it's a good start.

Earlier in the morning, in an effort to use up the paint that I got to paint my yard sale table and refinish up that yard sale cafe set I got last year, I painted the stools.  This happened as a result of my looking in the sun room for something else when I happened upon the ziploc bag containing my paint brush from last month's painting...my Mother-in-Law taught me that trick in case I needed to stop painting and wanted to resume painting soon without cleaning out the brush. I can't believe the paint hadn't dried out from last month. Good tip! 

What I did with leftover Jamaican Sea Blue Paint

I think I will paint the base of the table, then go over the paint with a glaze or sealant of some sort. I would like to cover the table top with some sort of clear coat over mementos from our past adventures.

Lucy's Right
This table is my inspiration...
I had to call it a day on the projects after a few hours because it was getting too hot (so we cooled down with some watermelon and some of us jumped in the pool) and we had to get a birthday party for a friend's son.

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