01 June 2012

Summertime Fun

Last night we loaded up the garden wagon with snacks, beverages, blankets and chairs and trekked over to Emi's friend's house for dinner and a movie in the back yard.

Most of the party guests were newly minted 5th graders...

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

but there were others...

Getting Ready for the Movie

The movie shown was Puss in Boots (and funnily enough the Little Ones requested we watch it yet again so they were pleased).

Birthday Cake
There were also birthday wishes wished...

It was a nice evening with nice people and it seriously felt like autumn last night.  Many of us hung out around the fire bowl catching up on life events while the kids played.  There was not a lot of movie-watching going on because there were too many distractions, like the swings, trampoline and this...

We have talked about putting a zip line up in our back yard and I think we are sold on the idea now.

Looking forward to the upcoming backyard movie nights and Summer Breeze.

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  1. Nolita, I so enjoy the sense of "family" you impart in your posts. Also, that zipline went about my speed... can I come over and play? :)


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