08 May 2012

Ocho de Mayo

Oh we had a nice Cinco de Mayo, but I didn't get around to blogging about it until today...

The best thing that happened that day is that Ketiesha came over with some goodies!

Chicken with Mole
Chicken with Mole Sauce - my favorite dish of the day!

So pretty! And tasty! Best flan I've ever had!
I didn't photograph my contributions because they weren't pretty, but they were devoured - quesadillas, refried beans and chips & salsa. And Scott's mom brought over a Mexican inspired crustless quiche which was also very yummy.  The leftovers hit the spot Sunday morning and Monday for lunch (Thanks, ladies!).

Emi and I did a bit of garage saling Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Emi got a dress, a fajita pan and a pancake pan for $2 total and I got 2 turquoise dresses, some overalls (I'm headed back to the 90's and I don't care who knows!), a cute Banana Republic black skirt, a blue floral blouse, a star tee (I will probably give to Aubri because it may be a bit too tight), a charcoal gray polo shirt (Harold Powell) for Scott and a precious little lamp for just under $10 total for me.

$5 lamp
Isn't this cute?

We got outside with our neighbor's pole saw (Thanks, John) to trim up some of the jungle in our back yard too even though it was so hot and humid Sunday afternoon. I didn't factor in all of the bundling we'd have to do so it took a while to clean up the mess from the mulberry tree and what looked like a poison ivy tree (it isn't).

I also amended the soil in my garden bed with 6 bags of topsoil and now I need to move my mini-garden out there before the weekend.  The hardiest plants in my sunroom are my free plants - kabocha, watermelon, tomatoes and whatever else was in the compost pile. Kabocha was new for me this year and so is Quinoa. I hope I get a good yield this year!

So, did you do anything exciting for Cinco de Mayo? 

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  1. Went to a party in town instead of the cabin. Was happy to see some of our cabinite people there too. Nice evening of food, drink and laughter with some fav people!


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