13 May 2012

New Order

I feel so extraordinary
Something's got a hold on me
I get this feeling I'm in motion
A sudden sense of destiny *

* from "True Faith" by New Order

We spent a good chunk of the day today working outside and in the sun room. We've been without window treatments in the sun room since we took down the 70's blinds almost 3 years ago. This makes the room unbearable in extreme temperatures. Yesterday I found some blackout drapes at Target (42"x84" panels) for $13/panel so I got enough (4) for the north and south windows and was able to use tension rods ($12 each x 2) to hang the drapes. It has made a tremendous difference already.

Blackout Shades
These khaki shades will do for now.
I got more hardware today for the long west sliding doorway but I was only able to procure 2 more panels because my Target is out of the khaki 42x84 panels. We got the curtain rods hung tonight and will try to procure 4 more panels to call it a day with window/door treatments in that room.

I also moved my seedlings out to the garden today. I hope and pray something survives. I am excited at the prospect of growing my own kabocha squash as it was so difficult to find. And if we can grow some of that wonderful watermelon that we enjoyed last summer...that would be too cool as well. I have more tomatoes growing in planters and I tossed a couple of snap peas into the pot that the Passion Flower used to live in...so we'll see!

Late Start
Fingers Crossed
Something else we moved from the sun room to the great outdoors were the 3 little hens. They are about 6 weeks old  now and Ozzie is definitely letting them know where they are in the order of the coop.

Pick on someone your own size, Ozzie!!

The poor baby chicks have been forced to roost on top of the henhouse...

Pecking Order

Soon they will be big enough to sleep inside with the rest of the chickens. The girls can be mean, especially Einstein, the hen who was previously at the bottom of the pecking order (she's the one who matches Ozzie). She's probably happy to have someone to pick (peck) on these days. It's hard to watch when for no apparent reason Ozzie will charge across the coop and peck down into the middle of the threesome to disperse the babies.

Oh well, I hope you are having a better weekend than they are!!


  1. Okay, first, that is the coolest chicken coop I've ever seen. I WANT ONE! I told The Hubby that I would love to have some chickens, and maybe someday. Second, happy gardening! I hope the squash works for you, I've never heard of it. I picked cucumbers yesterday and ate one fresh out of the garden, still warm from the sun! Yummy!

    1. Thank you! Scott made the hen house to match our house and we used a green house frame covered in chicken wire to protect them and give them a little room to run/roam. They are parked under a big pecan tree so they have shade. And we let them out to feast on bug/weeds in the yard sometimes. We get about 4 eggs per day and my Easter Egg hen is the most reliable layer. I love getting the pretty blue green eggs. If I had to pick one breed it would be the Easter egg hens.

      Kabocha squash is sweeter than butternut. Give it a try sometime! I can't wait to get some produce from my plant!


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