14 May 2012

Good Eats - Asian Noodle Salad

I would like to totally recommend this salad.

The first time I made this salad a couple of years ago I followed the recipe exactly as Ree had written and it was marvelous! My whole family enjoyed it and the only complaint/critique was in regards to the bits of ginger, so the next time I made this salad (which was fairly soon after), I used my garlic press to make the ginger blend in much more. Success!! It has been a great go-to salad for warmer weather and I love to have this for leftover lunch at work.


This makes my heart sing!

My favorite thing about this salad besides the crunch factor is the sauce which is sublime! Olive oil and sesame oil with soy sauce and lime with ginger and garlic and brown sugar and CILANTRO! Oh my!

And I'm not a huge fan of linguine (unless it comes slathered in garlicky clam sauce or alfredo!) so I substituted with angel hair pasta yesterday.  It made the salad a little lighter but I think the salad would be just fine without pasta.  Or maybe instead of pasta, subbing in spaghetti squash "noodles" or zucchini spirals?

Yum...will have to try that this summer for sure!

I hosted Mother's Day lunch for my mom and sisters (and the guys and the kiddos)  yesterday and I made 2 huge bowls of this stuff - one with jalapenos and one without - and chicken lettuce wraps.

The Asian half of me was very happy yesterday!

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