27 September 2010

Random Act of Kindness or Jedi Mind Trick?

Friday night we were at Walmart taking advantage of the non-crowded hour to shop for groceries while the oldest kidlet was on a play date with a friend. I was trundling down an aisle when David noticed a balloon stuck on the ceiling. He asked the woman behind us if she could get that balloon for him. I watched her and her teenage daughter try to jump for it (the string was about 12 feet up) to no avail. I told them that it was really unnecessary, that the balloon wasn't his and please don't bother.

That must've sounded like a challenge because the daughter proceeded to get into the cart to try to reach the string and when that was no good, she stood in the child seat of the cart. I nervously looked around for Walmart security and told them to please be careful and that it REALLY was not necessary while imagining her smashing her brains all over the cake mix aisle when she stood on the cart handle!

By then Scott and Aubri were on the other side of this circus and I kept telling him to get her down while her mom was steadying her and she JUST REACHED THE STRING (and didn't take a spill). A small crowd had formed (with no Walmart employees to be found) by the time she dismounted from the cart, sashayed over to David and tied this balloon to his wrist. Wow! All I can say is I hope he doesn't abuse this power he has over women!

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