29 November 2011

Thanks x2

I thought I got The Crud that the Little Ones had so I lost a couple of days. My head was feeling like it was about to explode due to sinus pressure (this just after I was bragging to my sister that my deviated septum has never given me any problems before) and my coughing was hurting my lower back. I begged off from work Monday and went to see the same doctor that I took the Little Ones to see on Friday. He thought I might have the flu from my symptoms (egad!) but it turned out not to be the flu or strep (yea me!?). He suspected a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics, but the stuff that got me back to middling was the cough medicine with codeine. I am not taking the antibiotics but I filled that script in case of zombie invasion...

During the course of my sick day I was able to complete our advent calendar and while I posted about that late last night, I forgot to recap the second food fest we had on Saturday.

Basically there was:

Guava and Cream Cheese on Cracker
Guava with Cream Cheese on Crackers (so good!)

Gannon and David
Cousin Love

Slicing the Turkey
Turkey Carving (and sampling)

Yummy Corn
Pioneer Woman's Corn (also, so good!)

Emi and I watched a DVR'd episode of The Pioneer Woman Friday night and Ree served a wonderful corn dish with brisket and other delights so we decided to bring her Fresh Corn Casserole along with our Mashed Potatoes for the second feast of Thanksgiving. It was delish!!!

Kids Table
Kid's Table

And so much more...I'm so thankful for this:
Christmas Card Candidate
Merry Christmas from the Morgans!

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post! Love the family picture at the end.

    Looks like your Thanksgiving was doubelly good!

    I missed all of Ree's shows. I'm so bummed. I wonder if I can find them on line. hrmm. Thanks for the idea.



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