09 November 2011

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

A couple of weeks ago at lunch I was at our Natural Grocers checking out my hummus options. I was careful to avoid the Teva brand because the avocado hummus I bought last time was so grody. I ate it all because I didn't want to be wasteful, but man that taste was not hummus and avocado like I expected. We've had that mix before and the whole family loves it, but this was not that. I noticed that they had a whole lot of dips and spreads by my favorite hummus brand - Blue Moose of Boulder - but no BMB hummus. My favorite is their chipotle hummus! Their hummus tastes fresh (closest to our home made) and has a thicker consistency that I like.

Anyway, I grabbed a tub of roasted red pepper dip to try with my pita chips. Back at the office I was pleasantly surprised. It's so good! It's made with neufchatel cheese, roasted red peppers, garlic and spices. I had to make myself not eat the whole tub in one sitting. I split it over 2 days of lunches. This was definitely something I needed to make at home.

I typically keep roasted peppers at home as well as garlic and when I saw that Homeland had neufchatel cheese on sale for 88 cents a brick tonight, I decided that tonight was the night (I also grabbed 4 bricks of the stuff!). While dinner was cooking (baked flounder marinated with Annie's Shiitake and Sesame dressing and steamed rice), I quickly blended a brick of neufchatel, a bulb of garlic (pressed) and a few pieces of roasted sweet pepper (red and yellow). I wasn't sure what "the spices" were so I didn't bother adding any...

The result was yummy! My whole family loved this dip with pita chips. I had to shoo the kids away so we'd have some leftover for lunch tomorrow. Something tells me we'll have to make this in bigger batches next time...

Roasted Red (& Yellow) Pepper Dip
Good Stuff, Maynard!
Also, here's a simple sauce that my mom taught me to make when I was little. It's a sauce to put over rice. Simply cut up tomatoes and onions and put into a small bowl and then cover with soy sauce. Let the ingredients get friendly while dinner is cooking and then spoon some over rice.

Tomatoes, Onions and Soy Sauce
Simple, Pretty & Tasty

Have you created anything simple and yummy lately, friends?


  1. I have never eaten hummus or neufchatel cheese. Your meal sounds very healthy. I wish my family would eat healthy foods like that. I don't know if I am brave enough to try hummus. That picture makes it look really good.

    The pita chips look really yummy. I think I'm going to see if I can find some. I've been hung up on salsa and chips. That is what I had for dinner. It's like a bacholer pad at our house. I make dad whatever he wants. My husband normally says he will make his own meal and I just grab something quick. When Blake is home its completely different.

  2. Jackie TRY some hummus and also this red pepper dip! Hummus is basically bean dip but much healthier. Stacy's Simply Naked Pita chips are very good dipped in anything but I recommend the red pepper dip and the hummus. We love chips and salsa and guac in our house too!

    Neufchatel cheese is new to me but with 1/3 less calories than cream cheese with such a great taste, can't be bad. We don't do the fat-free stuff because that is disgusting but I won't shy away from neufchatel now. Will have to see how it fares in my spinach and artichoke dip next.

    Please do yourself and your family a favor and get or make some of these dips. I think you and they will love them.

    We don't always eat healthy, but I try to have some frozen fish around and rice is a gimme too. Last week we had those hotdogs from Sam's (so good) so it's not all good, but I think we all fairly balanced with our eating.

  3. This sounds and looks delicious. I will have to give this a try. What a great alternative to salsa. Thanks for posting.

  4. Wow great tips. Had no idea what the cheese was but, it sounds really good. Every one seems to love hummus so with your suggestion I might give all of this a try. Sure can't hurt that it's healthier that's for sure.

  5. The tomatoes/soy sauce look soooo delectable (great photo)! How simple! Must try it. I'm all for simple, simple recipes with lots of flavor.

  6. I grew up eating tomatoes & soy sauce. Adding green onions has got to be even better! Yum...,

    I love hummus, but haven't ever tried to make it myself... I'm thinking I should!


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