20 July 2010

Vegging Out

Many times over the Summer my oldest daughter Emi (of course, who else?) has mentioned wanting to become a vegan. While I am behind this wonderful idea, I am not sure I want her to be vegan every day. Vegetarian, no problem, we are ALL for eating less meat and we frequently eat vegetarian dishes, but I want her to be realistic. It's not that I don't have faith (so much) but we do have other meat/cheese/egg eaters in the house and that might cause her to eat non-Vegan food sometimes. And I hesitate to completely rule out a food group/type because we have to be flexible and we live in Oklahoma. A few years back we leaned towards Mostly Macrobiotic eating with mostly organic food but we were flexible with food (and a fair amount leaner I might add).

But to support her endeavor and also to expose the Little Ones to some newer foods I am tracking down some Vegan recipes to add to our tried and true keepers (not necessarily vegan or vegetarian, but maybe). We've made hummus before and truly prefer it over the nasty store bought stuff so I thought we could make hummus sammies for everyone's lunch today. We'd run out of tahini so we used peanut butter. Our hummus was very good and this is what was in it (all organic):

1 can garbanzo beans, drained
drizzle of olive oil
peanut butter
juice of 1 lemon
1 garlic clove pressed/minced

For the sandwiches we spooned hummus into whole wheat pitas pockets and added in slices of avocado! Yummers! We wanted to add alfalfa sprouts but our local Target did not have any...(boo). We even packed hummus sammies in the Little Ones lunch boxes. The hubs texted me at lunch that his hummus sandwich was "awesome" and "soooo good". We also packed yellow pepper strips and grape tomatoes for sides and yogurt (not vegan, see what I mean?).

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