22 November 2011

Not Martha

Ok, I've decided to not "reinvent the wheel" here with the Thanksgiving Blessing Board. I took a quick look in the basement when I was changing laundry loads and my eyes happened upon our Christmas Card holder. It's a cute French message board that we use to display our cards. See?

We don't ride our bikes in the house, Emi!

I decided that it will also be used as our blessing board too. We may get fancy and paint the clothespins and use cute colored cards (or not).  The main thing we want to do is to write down the things we are thankful for so we can all see how much we truly are blessed (and to illustrate (drive home) that point to the children).

That board might happen in another project though. I was thinking it might be a great idea on a bigger scale for the Little Ones to display their little trinkets and mementos -- their inspiration boards.


  1. I like this idea of having everyone write down what they're thankful for!

  2. Great idea! It's always good to have visuals of what we are thankful for. It's even better when you can repurpose something for several different things.

    Heykayli has a video where she bought some twigs and put them in a vase and hung the blessings on the branches. If people have trees they can pick them up in their yard. She was going to do this for each holiday. Kind of like what you are doing.

    BTW, Very cute board!

  3. Such a great idea to "display" thankfulness -- we can "think it" but this way others can share in it, too. Really neat! Happy Thanksgiving!


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