06 November 2011

The Longest Day

Yesterday was The Longest Day for me, bookended by terror. Ok, maybe I exaggerate just a bit, but it was definitely bookended by some scary moments. From the time we woke up a little after 2am with the 4.7 earthquake to the time we tried to go to sleep after the next earthquake a little after 11pm, I was busy with many activities such as shuttling the eldest to her soccer game and baking bread.

It was a very satisfying day despite the fact that I had 2 snot-nosed kids confined to the car during the soccer game due to very cold temps and high winds AND the fact that I didn't get a shower in until after dinner last night. Bygones.

We were laying in bed watching SNL. I was luxuriating under my giraffe duvet cover (sans duvet currently) almost in an alpha state with my side of the heated mattress pad on 2, my eyes were rolling back into my head...I was drifting off to slumberland when I heard the rumble of the traffic leaving the stadium. Except it wasn't the traffic and the house was shaking and swaying. We were suddenly out of our bed freaking out then walking around the house checking on all of the sleeping kids and dogs.

Emi slept through this one, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake - the biggest in Oklahoma history, and when I went up to her room, I could feel the house swaying from North to South and back. It was very unsettling to say the least. At least the news broke about this earthquake immediately and some of my FaceBook friends reported feeling queasy and seasick. I felt this way too and my very tired eyes wanted to go to sleep but my mind was worried that the house would shake again and that we hadn't done enough to educate the kids on what to do doing an earthquake (namely not to panic). We are more than versed in what to do in the case of a tornado.

I was trying to brace myself for any aftershocks but if there were any, I slept right through them...

A check of the house and yard revealed some earthquake damage:

Earthquake Damage
We will survive!

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