05 November 2011

Shaken AND Stirred

I'll be honest, earthquake was not my first thought when Emi came into our room a few hours ago. Something stirred me from sleep - maybe the house settling? - it sounded like a chandelier shaking (but we don't have any chandeliers) just before she shot into our room. She was audibly shaken, saying "Daddy, I can't sleep. My bed is shaking!" Oh Lord, this is just how it started in The Exorcist! We followed her back upstairs to her room and saw a sleeping Kirby laying on the floor close to her bed. So whatever it was didn't disturb his slumber.

We inspected her bed - nothing but toys and trash and man, she really needs to clean her room. We checked outside and the garage (her room is above the garage and the door opening would have shaken her bed) but she reported no noise, just her bed shaking. We checked the time and thankfully it was only a little after 2am (not the unholy 3-4am) and asked her about her dreams. She said she was dreaming that she had it all, a very good dream and then she woke up to a shaking bed. {freaky!} We convinced her that she probably shook her bed herself and woke herself up but she still wanted to sleep in our bed. Daddy stayed in her bed and she came back to bed with me.

My heart was still racing and my mind was wandering so I decided to check out FaceBook and TV (nothing) to see if there were any unusual activities going on that might corroborate Emi's accounts. And wouldn't you know it, a 4.7 earthquake just after 2 (with an aftershock of 3.4 20 minutes later). After I let Emi know what happened, I went to Emi's room to let Scott know that it was an earthquake and not demons so he could get some rest....whew! I think we need to lay off of those horror movies so my mind doesn't instantly go to demonic possession in every situation...

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