14 August 2011

Tavern Sandwiches and a Little Notoriety

Today when we got home from church our neighbor came over to ask me if I knew that I was in the paper. It would not be the first time I was in the paper (see also 20 year reunion) but I was not aware of any reason I would be in the paper lately. I tensed up a little as she handed me the article (much like I tense up when an old friend tags me in a photo on FaceBook).

I'm Famous!
Not to worry. It was just a mention in the Pop section regarding the results of a FaceBook survey conducted last week. I happened to be logged into FB at the time and cheerfully submitted my favorite frozen drink  (and saw another I need to try next time I find myself at The Mont).

We celebrated our nephew Anthony's 16th birthday today in the back yard. The kids (and Grandaddy-O) swam while the adults sought shade in between the Magnolia and Pecan trees. We ate Tavern Sandwiches like my Nanny used to make for us when we were kids except she called them Sloppy Joes. They are a nice alternative to burgers. These are loose meat sandwiches (ground beef, onion, salt and flour) and are traditionally served with white sandwich bread and washed down with Sweet Tea or an RC.(Note: This is the only time we get Wonder bread.).

Tavern Sandwiches
Tavern (aka Loosemeat) Sandwiches

Aubrianna in Her Goggles
Goggle Girl

Trever Sliding

What IS that?
Me and My Goofy Husband
It was a nice way to end the weekend. Well, technically we ended the weekend forcing the kids to watch Ghostbusters II with us. You know, so they can develop an appreciation of the modern day special effects and maybe get that song stuck in their heads like we did way back when...

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