18 August 2011

Summertime Pho and Naked Ladies

After drooling over the pictures of the pho in Aura's last post and finding myself with some leftover pork roast, an abundance of cilantro, basil and limes, I decided to make pho for my family last night. All of the kiddos have had some sinusy thing going on (summer colds?) and I thought a nice broth with fresh herbs and alkalizing limes would help them to kick this sinus junk.

Into my organic chicken broth I put thinly sliced leftover pork and half moon onions. I let that simmer for a bit with some cinnamon and fish sauce then I added some fresh ginger and cilantro. I cooked the rice noodles in the soup so as not to heat up my kitchen unnecessarily with another pot of water (this is not preferred as the rice noodles will have absorbed the wonderful broth when you go back for your second bowl of pho).

Summertime Pho
I wish you could smell this...heaven in a bowl.
I love that my kids love my cooking as we tend to have quite a variety of dishes served in our home. They all ate healthy amounts of the fresh herbs and broth but stayed clear of the jalapeno and Srirachi sauce...no premature enlightenment for them.

Earlier when I went out to snip the basil I saw some unexpected blooms in my back yard:

Naked Ladies
Naked Lady Lilies
It was a very satisfying dinner with my family and I feel blessed that we can all be together for a home cooked meal.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


  1. I'm with your kids - no Srirachi sauce for me.

    Love the flower photo. Nice action. ;)

  2. This sounds so very good!!! I really want to try
    to make it myself!

  3. Heather: I didn't add any Rooster sauce to my pho but I do love the spice and added plenty of jalapeno! The Oatmeal comic in the link is hilarious, the part about adding too much Srirachi anyway.

    Melissa: It's easy and the broth is awesome. I don't think the meat added much to the dish. I think it's all about the fresh herbs, sprouts and limes anyway. Next time I will use a good organic beef broth and likely skip meat altogether. I hope it's cooler out by then...I am ready for football weather!


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