26 August 2011


When I'm away from home my mind settles and I can focus on some things that I want to do vice the things that I need to do. I want to open up our rooms by either removing clutter or rearranging furniture to flow better. I also want to work on energy management projects (i.e. hang the south window curtain rod in the sunroom and transfer the drapes from the Gathering Room to the sunroom) and wall hangings for most of the rooms in the house.

I have ideas (so many ideas) for David's and Aubri's room. Scott hung their coat/backpack hooks (Bach Garment Holders, actually) last weekend (thank you, babes). These nifty hooks (which were spotlighted on Apartment Therapy years ago) have been in the basement waiting to be used. We have a couple hung by the front door already - I loved the design so much that I bought extra.

I plan to hang 2 Lil Davinci Art Cabinets above the hooks for the kiddos' keepsake masterpieces.  These frames hold up to 100 pieces of art while displaying the current masterpiece.  Emi has one and we have collected her artwork through the years. It's a great way to keep the really special pieces of art in one place (although we do still have an acid-free binder or 2 with other art pieces of Emi's).

I also plan to create a baseball themed alphabet painting and a distressed wood sign with the words from "You Are My Sunshine". (That's a favorite song to sing at bedtime.)

We painted the walls of the Gathering Room many years ago after texturizing the walls and we were so pleased with the outcome, we haven't hung much up on the walls since. I have 2 pieces of filipino art that my mom gave me on one wall.

More Filipino Art

And a wrought iron book shelf above the digital piano on the opposite wall...

Wrought Iron

We have a big blank wall above our bar that needs something...

Blank Wall in Bar Area
My bar looks like it needs a good polishing...noted!

And I was thinking of making a big bold graphic print like this to hang:

LOVE this! I would probably use a canvas vice plywood so I could easily change it out (not that I would)...
And I'm thinking I need to get a neutral rug to go under our dining room table in order to preserve my wood floors (they are looking a little sad right now.)

Fireplace facing North
This is where the "floor show" happens on  daily basis...
And I might move the pictures on the mantel to the living room "gallery" and put other collectible art objects on the mantel.

We've added a few photos and framed art up there since this picture was posted almost 2 years ago.
I have 2 rugs in the basement and 1 in the sunroom and I may be shuffling them around this weekend.... I'm trying to minimize the purchase of additional things and shifting around what we already have (or shifting them out the door for others to use). We gave away my beloved red chair and a cherished wardrobe to family recently and it really opened up our spaces to other things. Very cathartic...wanna do that some more.

Any suggestions for the quote above the bar?*

*I heard a CSNY song that might be a candidate (Wasted on the Way) but I'm open to ideas. 


  1. Do you play piano, Nolita? Love the color you picked for your walls! The two plaques (Filipino art) were sentimental and lovely. Sounds like your home is filled with memories and music, not to mention good food!

  2. Kim, I wish I played piano! My daughter does. I would like to learn to play the mandolin or bandurria someday though. My family is musical with my husband playing the guitar and violin too. All my kids love to sing and drum and dance. I can totally see David banging a drum too... I might be able to handle an egg or tambourine at this time in my life. ;.)


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