25 August 2011

On Spiritedness

Spirited kids are really, really, really persistent, like a dog with a bone. Tuesday we had a good example of this behavior. Aubri had accidentally wet her pants waiting too long to get to the toilet that morning. I had to take her sheets off her bed because I mistakenly told her to go to her bedroom vice the bathroom and she inadvertently sat on her bed. After school Daddy was asking her what happened to her bedsheets and Aubri was trying to answer the question while also dancing around the fact that she had an accident. David could hardly contain himself and kept interrupting her trying to tell Daddy what really happened. Daddy told David that he wanted Aubri to tell what happened. After that discussion was over and they were playing, David kept coming to Daddy and trying to tell him about Aubri peeing her pants and each time Daddy shushed him and told him to go play - that the discussion was over and none of his business. He told David that unless he had a question about something, not to talk about Aubri's accident. This happened 2 or 3 times. The last time he came into talk to Daddy, he said "Daddy, um, why did Aubri pee in her bed?" Persistence for $400, Alex!

No Likey the Hat
Not sure about the elephant hat

So Sad...
Someone didn't get his way...

Lining up the Cars
Lining up his cars...but they were going to the stadium so we don't think he has OCD.

David and His Cars
Oh, but he does love his cars...not a spirited thing, just a boy thing...but the seriousness, that's a spirited thing.

Emi is the registrar and Aubri is the little sheep.
He flat out refused to go up on stage at the Christmas program and then when the program started, he pitched a fit so that Daddy had to take him out of the room so he wouldn't "steal the show" from the cast members.

What kid does not like whipped cream straight from the can?
I've read that a spirited kid's first reaction should not be taken as the final decision on an experience. While his sister was totally open to the whipped cream spray directly into her pie hole and trusted that all would go well, David was suspicious and leery until he processed things fully after the first shot went well.

He's not always so serious though:

Taz and David
Smiling at the Kitty (who I'm sure is smiling right back)
And with his spiritedness comes great imagination. We love to listen to stories about Michael Jackson, zombies, cars, monsters, sharks...

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