16 August 2011

Miso Hungry

During my first trip to the new Natural Grocers I picked up a bottle of something I thought looked interesting: Miso Mayo. I like miso. I like mayo...why not?

"MISO MAYO is made with miso from Hawaii, and is hand-packed in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. The full-bodied umami flavor of MISO MAYO enhances and completes many different foods..."

Umami, indeed.

During an evening when I had nothing planned for dinner and the natives were getting restless, I inventoried the kitchen and found tortillas at the ready, fish sticks in the freezer, mixed herb salad in the crisper and Miso Mayo, ready to try. I baked up the fish sticks and made Fish Tacos for the family and they were a hit. I can't recall if I took photos of the finished dish or the process but it was really easy and certainly not the worst thing we could have eaten health-wise.

I squirted some Miso Mayo on a tortilla, placed 4 or so fish sticks on top of that and then added in a handful of herb salad and a squeeze of lime. Et voila! As I recall, the whole family gave this dish a "thumbs up".  We also used a little chipotle sour cream to kick it up a notch. Yum!  


  1. Never heard of miso mayonnaise! Interesting! I'm vegan, but I might try mixing in a bit of miso (which I love) in some Vegannaise. A condiment I love making and putting on veggie burgers or with roasted potatoes is Vegannaise with a dash of chipotle and minced garlic. Boy howdy, that's good. (Your chipotle sour cream sounds similar.)

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  2. Yum, Annie, your condiment sounds divine. The chipotle sour cream we have become addicted to is actually store bought, Breakstone (Kraft) brand for something like$1.49. Do you make your veggie burgers from scratch? I have a recipe from the old LoveLight Bakery that I am ready to try. My family liked the last batch I made but haven't requested them again. I will have to try that condiment sometime. The miso mayo comes in a spicy red pepper and garlic/dill too. Nice to hear from you!


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