24 August 2011

BS (Back to School)

So Emi started the FOURTH GRADE today! And the day started off a little rocky (of course).  David and Emi both woke up on the wrong side of the bed... and my efforts at preparing a hearty and healthy breakfast which consisted of a wonderful Kale and Feta Breakfast Casserole didn't seem much appreciated (initially). I used Red Russian Kale and maybe that didn't seem too eye appealing to them. After being forced to taste the casserole first before deciding, everyone but the oldest seemed to like it (or at least the complaining ceased). That's good because we are having it for breakfast tomorrow too. Along with some corned beef hash to mix things up a bit.

Kale and Feta Casserole

We escorted Emi to her new classroom this morning (loaded down with supplies) and then to the noisy gym where the masses were. As we walked the halls, David's little mind was blown away by the dinosaurs in the library and all of the kiddos at the school. In fact, I got a good picture of my little trio outside and David looks like he was hovering above the ground with excitement (and it wasn't even HIS first day of school....love that boy!).

After we left her school David talked a bit about when he starts going to her school and I told him that by then, Emi would be moving up to the next school...and Aubri would be left at their current school. And we'll have 3 schools for 3 kids. Made me a little teary eyed thinking about my baby girl going into the 4th grade.

First Day of SchoolFirst Day of School


  1. Ah... The 1st day of school...So exciting!

    You're quite the cook! I'm impressed, but then again my husband does most of the cooking!

  2. I know, Melissa, I was ready for school to start. Yesterday morning when I brought out that kale/feta casserole, David's first reaction was "again, mom?" so it's not a favorite. Next time I'll cook the kale a little longer and add onion and maybe some bacon...who can complain about bacon?

    I do like to cook for family and friends. Hey, I've seen some of the stuff you've cooked in your blog too and you are quite the cook too!

    You are soooo lucky your man cooks!! Mine likes to bake when the weather gets cool so we are looking forward to the fall offerings. I'm hoping for scones and naan perfection this year...


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