11 February 2010

Culinary Napalm

So last week I mentioned that we made home made caramel sauce and the kids and adults alike LOVED it. I mentioned also that I burned my thumb "a little". I might have understated that a bit. I was swirling the hot melted sugar in the pan and when I added the butter, a tiny splatter of the sweet lava splatted onto my thumb. This culinary napalm burned deeply enough to turn my thumb meat white in a spot...well done you might say. I rinsed it as soon as I could (I didn't want to ruin the caramel at such a crucial juncture) and I applied ice because it hurt like HELL! A blister formed and broke and I have changed the band aid many times over the course of the week. The first band aid I applied actually ripped the blister apart. I have used Neosporin and Aloe Vera gel to aid in healing and keep infection at bay. I hope I don't have any nerve damage...

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