04 January 2010

Ty(p)ing Up Loose Ends

I was reading through the past few months' entries on my blog trying to figure out where 2009 went and realized that I have some loose ends to tie up around here.

Back in July I was reminiscing about my youth and the first camera I owned and how I was on a quest to find one just like it. Well, my better half scratched that off my list for me...as an early Christmas present he surprised me with an Argoflex 750...and this one comes with a flash! Not that we will be able to locate a bulb for it, but still!

In September, Emi and I are started the Move for Life class at the hospital and we never went back to finish the class. Emi was bored and I felt like we already knew the information they were trying to tell us. Plus, we already have great menus/recipes. The class was not going to help us out in the motivation department and it was a big time stealer. So we punted it. We introduced Emi to basketball instead and it seems to be working.

Before Christmas I was having some anxiety over my (finally paid off) SUV that was in need of a 3rd axle! I am so very happy to report that that last time took care of the problem and we owe our mechanic Big Time for coming through for us. No more squealing or grating sounds!

Also, remember after Thanksgiving when I was feeling very overwhelmed with combing and rebraiding Emi's hair? Well we are all better now. I was able to get her hair rebraided over the course of a couple of weeks without causing any further psychological damage and in time for the numerous Christmas gatherings. Crisis averted.

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