01 September 2009

September Morn

I can't believe it's already September but it's time to get off our lazy duffs and get back into shape. We finally dusted off the TDS after a summer hiatus and started back up on Level 1. Actually, we have never made it past Level 1 and do not see a need to try to make it to Level 3 considering the fact that we don't play pro football. That workout looks way too intense!

I've been trying to walk 2 miles twice weekly and do Zumba 1x weekly, but it doesn't always work out for me. (i.e. Last Week) My walks are great because they get me out of my chair and I get to catch up with a really good friend (dual purpose) and Zumba is great because I get to see another really good friend. Not that we can talk during class but we CAN pretend to kick each other Karate Kid style while we catch our breath... and the dancing is FUN! My instructor sent me our playlist last week (Thanks, Pam!) so I now have the songs safely on my iPod so I can practice the dance moves solo. I want to teach Emi some of the moves and am hoping that it will help me look a little more graceful in class (I can hope).

Now that Emi is back in school there is more hope! Hope that I can dust off my trusty old steed of a bike and bike to work while the biking is good. Maybe with this variety of exercise I might be able to whittle down the waistline and drop the pounds that the Wii says I've packed on this summer. As Jillian says in the Level 1 workout, "we'll see".

Emi and I start this class called Move For Life tonight in the city. Her pediatrician recommended it some time back because Emi is a big girl and we want her to be healthy. She's grown a foot in the 4 years we've been in this house so that accounts for some of the weight, but she's got a belleh! The class starts off with a healthy snack and we will be edutained by a nutrition counselor and P.E. teacher and someone else. I will post more after class. I am hoping that the information will seep into Emi's brain more readily coming from someone else other than her parents who can be "boring" and "health freaks" (Come on!). We'll see. Soccer starts up for her tomorrow that that's another step in the right direction....

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