02 December 2009

Treat Me Right

I've seen so many lists on other blogs for gift ideas for you to purchase this holiday season and it inspired me to make a list of my own. Only these items are gifts that I already have, rather, products that make me happy or just less crabby...which is a gift to my family!
1) Tui Hair Smoothie This stuff is SO AWESOME! My little girl has kinky, curly, wild, napptural hair and this stuff is the ONLY stuff that truly detangles her hair. It's so yummy smelling too. We love the Tui and Black Vanilla, but baby girl does not like the Khoret Amen scent. We order direct from Carol's Daughter and sometimes we get the stuff from Macy's if we are already shopping there. Other Carol's Daughter products we keep in stock at our house are: Tui Leave-in Conditioner, Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, Healthy Hair Butter, Some of Marguerite's Magic, Lisa's Hair Elixir and Tui Hair Oil.
2) Chick-Fil-A
Why oh why didn't I treat myself to a Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake too?
I was there at lunch today (hence the drive through Chick-Fil-A) just to pick up a bag of pom poms for baby girl's class project. Thrice I had items in my hand that were not pom poms and had to put them back on the shelf. Hobby Lobby is so inspirational for us that we often leave with a cartful of items that we may or may not use once we get home and start baking cookies. Not sure why that is...
4) Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil scented hand soap.
Doesn't leave an obnoxious scent on your hands afterwards. I find the scent pleasant. That is all.
5) Amazon's Subscribe and Save: Grocery service.
I am not good at budgeting money or sticking to lists at the grocery store (I did prove today that I could stick to the list at Hobby Lobby, but it was VERY HARD) so I really appreciate that with this grocery service I can "set it and forget it". Here are some of the items that I have auto-shipped to me that save me quite a bundle (discounts, gas and schlepping): instant oatmeal, chicken stock, fruit and nut bars, artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent & fabric softener. These are staple items and the food is organic! I pay no tax, no shipping and get a 15% discount for auto-shipping when I want. I get an e-mail when the next shipment is getting ready to process and I can cancel if I have enough product or I can have the shipment shipped early if I run out. Love, love, love this!!!

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