24 December 2009

Christmas Eve (aka Okie Blizzard 2009)

Today was crazy weatherwise and forced us to hunker down at the house. I tried to work a half day but only made it to 2.5 hrs hearing about the freezing sleet on the roads. By late afternoon we had white out blizzard conditions and were forced to cancel travel to my parents' house for Christmas Eve dinner. Instead of a nice traditional Cuban pork roast with black beans and rice, we got 2 different kinds of queso for appetizers, biscuits and gravy for the main course and chewy raisin bran cookies for dessert...also some cava. It was a nice peaceful night in watching The Hangover and waiting for Santa...so glad we didn't venture out because all of the major highways in Oklahoma were closed.

We let Emi open one gift tonight following our Christmas Eve tradition and she just happened to love it!

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