30 March 2008

The Phoenix Sun(day)...

I can't express how much we needed THIS diversion/excursion to a nice warm place with nothing planned. We were on our way to Long Beach today for a conference aboard the Queen Mary. Everything was going smoothly until our connecting flight from Phoenix to Long Beach was canceled. Because of the UCLA game and Spring Break, all of the other flights were completely booked and unless we wanted to rent a car and make the 6 hour drive (something US Airways might not reimburse), we had to stay in Phoenix until the next morning when Travelocity was kind enough to get us to Long Beach! We had to hang out at the airport and get our luggage so we'd have our swim suits (something that I was unsure that we'd get a chance to use in California) and then we took the shuttle to the hotel.

It was in the 80's so we immediately changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool where we parked ourselves for the afternoon....

Thanks, again, US Airways! We love you!

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