01 July 2017


For the most recent session of LifeSkillz, we learned about finances. Not a lot, but enough for the kids to have a clue about what it takes to manage their money just a wee bit. The kids started off playing Monopoly. The girls seemed more into adhering to the rules and while David was more "creative" about where the bank or pot should go, based on his bad decisions.

Finance Day with Monopoly
Lunch Dates

Over lunch, we went over Financial Planning, working on problems on saving money - how much and for how long it would to be save to purchase desired things.  The kids wrote out play checks to bills, charities, camps and even each other, and then had to balance their own check books.

Learning about Finances

Learning about Finances

After the lesson and some swimming, there was a water balloon fight (as promised). The Minion kit I got at Target made quick work of filling the balloons. Wow! ~100 balloons filled in no time!

These were soooo coool!!!

The kids were psyched about the water balloons.

Prepping for the Water Balloon Fight
Can you tell?
Instead of dividing up into two teams, we decided it was going to be every kid for him or herself. We didn't keep score.

Water Balloon Fight

Water Balloon Fight

Water Balloon Fight

Water Balloon Fight

Hmmmm....wonder what we should cover next time...


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