20 June 2017


This summer on my RDOs, I decided to host play days (and a little learning) at our house for the elementary aged friends of David and Aubri.


For the first session, I was fairly well organized with the agenda and activities. We learned how to make a simple syrup...

Making a Simple Syrup

... which we then flavored with mint from the yard...

Mint Syrup

and we made a bechamel sauce...

Making Bechamel Sauce

...which we used to make baked macaroni and cheese (one casserole with ham and peas) for lunch.

Macaroni and Cheese with Ham and Peas

And we went over table manners at lunch along with a discussion about chores. I was happy to hear that other families expect the kids to do chores as part of the family (gratis).

The kids also swam, picked blackberries, retrieved tadpoles from the pond and watched Trolls.

For the second session, I was not so organized.  Earlier in the week, we had a quick run to Texas to pick up and another to drop her back off to my brother's place. My mom was fresh from her visit to PI.  With the road trips and work and mom's visit, I found little to no time to come up with any lessons.  A friend brought some financial exercises for us to work on - to learn about balancing checkbooks and whatnot -  and we planned to have a water balloon fight, but we decided to just have a free swim type of day.



It was one little one's first time in the pool!

Sweet Caroline

Next time we can go over finances and unclogging sinks and that water balloon fight...

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  1. Children live what they learn, Nolita, and it sounds and looks like yours (and their cohorts) are being well educated. Bravo!


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