03 April 2017

Horsin' Around

So we're getting geared up to host our 3rd Kentucky Derby party (Burgoo, Bourbon and Bow Ties) and I'm collecting and consolidating my horses. My brother brought this painting back from my mom's house last Summer after I mentioned how much I liked it.  All the way from Florida! My brother must really like me! Three of the horses are beautiful, then the white horse face on the left is a bit scary and then there's Mr. Ed in the middle...

Horsin' Around
"Hey Guys! Whatcha doin'?"
While I was looking around for ideas on making an adult pinata (which could be a disaster if we don't think this idea through), I found this cute topiary idea that combines my love of plants with my love of wood! And now I want to take off the rest of the week and get busy in the yard!

Totally adorbs!
I think I could handle making a horse head base for the vines to grow into. And how gorgeous is this topiary? Or succulent plant sculpture? I love it!

I have GOT to create a smaller version of this!!!
Speaking of horses, I bought some metal horses at a garage sale recently and I'm not sure what the plan is for them yet.


And also, I got this horse at a garage sale last year... I am thinking there will be some painting in my life soon.

Garage Sale Find
I may have some silver or gold spraypaint around to make this guy look more serious...
And this is not horse related but I am thinking we might do this as a place to start with our fascinators for me and the girls. We have 3 metal head bands so far and maybe some crafty stuff in the basement. I really love the look of the sinamay base for the fascinator so stand by....it could happen!

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