16 April 2017


The kids did the normal dying of the eggs on Saturday.

Dying Easter Eggs

There may have been some run-ins during the process...

Dying Easter Eggs

And the Easter Bunny showed up this morning with buckets of goodies.

Easter Morning

There was a pre-early-church egg hunt in which we managed to forget an egg until after the service. No biggie, but it's funny how that always happens.

The church service was good, not showy, but substantial in nourishing the spirit. The pastor's wife got up on stage and did a passionate reading about death and how it sucks and she managed to do it like I imagined she would at a poetry reading at a coffee shop. Passionately enough to make my eyes get misty and very poetic about the pain of death and how it finds us all.  And our pastor really knows how to teach us about the Bible and what is meant by the verses. He really breaks things down and I appreciate that. Bible study can be very boring but I feel he sparks an interest in learning more about what's in there. And he has some really good (funny) life stories.

After church we had lunch at my folks' house and I didn't get any pictures! ;.( There was an indoor egg hunt for the littlest kids and lots of catching up and planning for the Mother of All Graduation Parties.

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