18 December 2016

Miso Hungry!

The other day I listened to some food porn on NPR, and the ladies were discussing treats for adults. Treats with umami so I immediately started paying attention. I like miso soup just like most people, but I hadn't thought of adding miso to my baking. But I'm open minded so I purchased some aka (red) miso and some shiro (light yellow) miso.

Miso Hungry
Have to make some miso mayo soon!

Last night I made the Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies from Hapa Nom Nom with the aka miso (I bookmarked more of her recipes to try!) and we chomped on them while watching A Christmas Story. Emi had mixed opinions initially. Aubri and Daddy loved them (as I knew they would) and David seemed to like them too. He ate two of them. They were especially good with a cold glass of milk.

Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies
Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!

Today I made some shiro miso buttercream frosting to go with the cookies. That combination was good but a little salty because I used salted butter. I would love to try it with unsalted butter and lemon verbena next time.

I also experimented with Miso Macadamia Blondies and these bars are awesome!

Miso Macadamia Blondies (prebake)

Miso Macadamia Blondes
Macadamia nuts, miso paste, brown sugar, vanilla eggs and baking soda.

These are a little bit of heaven!

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